Planet of Origin:



United Federation of Planets (founding member, 2161)

Environmental Needs:

Class M conditions

Life Span:

100 years


The Andorians were a humanoid species from the moon Andoria, homeworld of the Andorian Empire, and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.


Sexes and reproduction

The Andorian species was unique in that it consisted of four sexes instead of the two of most species. These sexes, in the main Andorian language, were called zhens, shens, thaans, and chans. The former two were roughly equivalent to females, while the latter two were analogous to males. In the four sex reproductive system, the shen produced the egg, which was then fertilized by the thaan and chan, before being passed to the zhen who would then carry the offspring to term, though not contribute genetically to it.

The union of all four bondmates for the purpose of reproduction was known as the shelthreth, while tezha was the term for a sexual union outside of shelthreth. Since it caused the individuals involved to form a stronger bond than the one they shared with their bondmates, tezha was known to negatively affect the likelihood of a successful shelthreth. Such an occurrence was considered very serious and its exposure could have major consequences; in 2330, Feluthar th'Hevora and Deralas ch'Zharan were expelled from their group after a bondmate discovered they had shared tezha.

For a long time, the species had trouble maintaining adequate population growth due to this complicated system. They originally needed all four genders to reproduce, until Tana sh'Elaith and Thysharthan ch'Uraan developed a serum that only needs one chan or thaan, and a zhen or shen.

Name prefixes

The latter element in an Andorian name would include a prefix to indicate which sex the individual was. They are as follows:

  • zh' for zhen
  • sh' for shen
  • th' for thaan
  • ch' for chan



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