Diberehz, an Aokian Male (2271)

Life Span:

80-94 years

Kagalra, an Aokian Female (2271)
The Aokians were a species of humanoid aliens who lived on the planet Samanga 6 after their original planet, Aok was destroyed by a supernova. While Lasin, the leader of the Aokians made a rule that said "No weapons". A criminal, Terssa decided to start an organization of criminals.

Around 2271, the Aokians had forehead ridges but a scientist named Qiral accidentally released a mutation that removed the ridges and instead added a massive permanent scar to the torso. The Aokians were not pleased with this and burnt down his house, killing him in the process. Due to this they never got their ridges back. However Aokians that were off world managed to keep their ridges.

In 2364, the USS Valentine, under command of Jeffery Johnson encountered them twice. Once, after a freighter got destroyed, and another after Terssa escaped from prison via his brother Kamik.

So far there have only been two Aokians who served in Starfleet, Shentol and Bord Feaba.

Famous Aokians


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