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Betazoids are a race of telepathic and empathic humanoids from the planet Betazed in the Beta Veldonna system, part of the Beta cluster, in the Alpha Quadrant. They are members of the United Federation of Planets.


Betazed had enjoyed a relatively untroubled and peaceful existence for much of its known history. This quiet way of life was interrupted in 2374 when the Dominion invaded and occupied the planet during its war with the Federation. The Betazoids were eventually able to drive the Jem'Hadar forces away after the conclusion of the war with the application of a highly dangerous, offensive form of empathy.


Externally, Betazoids are nearly indistinguishable from Humans, the single observable difference being the completely black irises of their eyes. Betazoids have a gestation period of ten months. They are able to cross-breed with Humans with little to no medical intervention.

Telepathic abilities

Betazoid telepathy was centered in the paracortex; psilosynine was a main neurotransmitter involved in the expression of their abilities. Most full Betazoids were full telepaths, though a few might possess only limited empathy with no telepathic abilities whatsoever. Psionic abilities usually emerged in adolescence, though there was some variation in this.

Interspecies reproduction was known to dilute Betazoid telepathic abilities of offspring. Usually, the children of such a union developed empathic abilities as their primary psionic talent, while their telepathic abilities would remain at a level considered below average for full Betazoids. However, children with a greater percentage of Betazoid background could develop telepathy approaching that of a typical Betazoid.


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