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MattJohno2 MattJohno2 13 October

I'm back

I've returned from a looooooooong break of doing F all, and haven't really made any 3D models in a little while. Today and yesterday I've been working on a new ship that I'm wanting to create an interior for, as I've been wanting to make interiors for a while. Either way I'm making at least a small and quarters for a small scout vessel. I have a couple renders but the ship itself isn't nearly done yet. It still needs textures and just a few tweaks.

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Typhuss999 Typhuss999 2 July

Write stories with me

My friend Dragonboy546 is mad at me for leaving my wiki for so long, I don't know if Dragon will come back to my wiki, I would like someone to write stories with me on my wiki, If any user wants to or is interested, leave a message on this blog page. I want to work with someone new, by the way I am alone on my wiki right now. Anyone who works with me has to have a lot of free time to work on stories. Or some free time.

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MattJohno2 MattJohno2 22 February

USS Sheffield - Upcoming ship...

Hello, people. I've been working with Blender for a little more time. I've managed to come up with a new ship design. I call it the USS Sheffield. Like the USS Lincoln, it's named after the British city of Sheffield. It doesn't have any textures yet, all the colour detail is made by using coloured materials, but I will add textures in the future. The ship is going to be set some-time between ST:6 and TNG. I have also uploaded a short animation of the ship to YouTube, showing it off with a view of the underside. I'll upload more progress in the future. I won't lie, I think this is my most detailed Starfleet ship yet.

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MattJohno2 MattJohno2 16 August 2020

Might make a new ship page soon

I've recently started using Blender with my 3D models, instead of Maya. I've managed to create a ship that is almost like the 22nd century Intrepid, but it's been given a 24th century look. Basically, it's a half-saucer ship with a secondary hull and nice glowy nacelles. I'm just wondering about a name.

The ship model is to the right, although unfinished. It was built just after the dom war and before Picard, so about the 2380s, and is about the 300-400m in length. I have a few names I that I wish to put out there.

Vote for the name here, or if you wish, suggest a new one!

I might make some interior assets, too, like I did with the Lincoln Class.


So I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news is that…

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Maddox70 Maddox70 5 June 2020

Our Ships

Mission: Same Name New Ship Location: Star Base Angel Fire Timeline: 0900hrs

Admirals Offices

Rear Admiral Fiona Rawlings had been seeing the over haul of several ships in her region of space and the Building of the USS Enterprise NCC1701-H. This ship had caused her most of her headaches. It was no longer a Flag ship as the past was the past and the captains of her past were only a memory of a time that now had no meaning.

This class starship was in all but name a war ship like any other she had the clout and the teeth to be any where in the quadrant's she was new in her class and she was due to leave Angel Fire was soon as Captain Jason Maddox and his crew were in situ

The last report she had that was ship passed its testing phases and that C…

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Typhuss999 Typhuss999 28 April 2020

Artist with a lot of free time to do Photo manipulation

I need a artist with a lot of free time to do photo manipulation for me and my friend Dragonboy546, like for ships and characters. So if anyone has a lot of free time to do this for me and Dragon, repond on this page. Thanks.

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Captain Nightjay Captain Nightjay 10 April 2020

Backstory on my Series: Star Trek, Salvation (long)


Star Trek, Salvation is my current master project that I'm working on. On the outside, to a reader, it looks like a normal, good, Star Trek fanfiction. Really, inside from the writer's point of view (my point of view), it's an emotional peice of work that brings out another side of me. First, (if you have the time) you should probably read Star Trek, Salvation from the first episode on to understand what I'm going to be talking about.

So, let's start with Commander Jay. She is literally me but not the same name. (NO this does not mean that I am really Betazoid! Heh, heh...) Her personality matches mine in almost every way, and some of the problems she faces in the series are somewhat true. 

Next, Captain Andrew Massey: He is based …

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Captain Nightjay Captain Nightjay 7 April 2020

Star Trek Saved My Life!

Greetings, everyone. There is something I would like to discuss: Star Trek saved my life. How? Read on.

So... I was down in the dumps. Everything was going wrong in my personal life and I didn't have anything to inspire my writing. (THAT'S REALLY BAD!) Everything I wrote about was sad and just... not like me. So, one day I was sitting like a lump on the couch reading a book. It was late... about 8:00 or so. I turned on the TV and that's when I saw this magnificant starship on the screen and heard the words, "Space... the final frontier..." I was immediatly intrigued by this and watched my first episode of Star Trek. From then on, I was in love with it, and you're still wondering, how did it "save my life?" Well, later that week and many epi…

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SethStewart90 SethStewart90 28 March 2020


Hey Memory Gamma users,

You may not know me; My name is Seth (aka SethStewart90) and i am a fan-fiction writer suffering from autism. My purpose on here is to create and expand my own Star Trek fanfiction series Star Trek: The Road Not Taken which takes place in 2379 and a month after the events of Nemesis and centers around Captain Yolandi Visser and her crew of the USS Freeman.

Right now, my plan for the series is to have many writers helping out and creating new pages for the characters and such. So hopefully you'll get a chance to check out my page when everything is completed and updated.

Thank you!

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XXSebbanXx XXSebbanXx 6 November 2019

this is legit a blog post im not even killing lmfao

i usally dont want others to use my shit but heres a list of characters and ships i made you're free to use in fanfictions and such but please make sure to check the pages in case the ship is destroyed or the character is DEAD

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