"Listen, captain. Forget everything you've heard about Blue Sector. It doesn't exist, clear? It never has!"

-Admiral Jorel Quinn to Captain Julian Bashir

Known to only a few high ranking admirals, Blue Sector is a secretive organization within Starfleet, created to "serve the best interests of the quadrants."


Created to serve the Federation and the Milky Way as a whole, Blue Sector is known by almost nobody, with only the highest levels of Starfleet aware of its existence.

Unbound by Federation morals and beliefs, Blue Sector often engages in highly illegal activities, and don't usually care about collateral damage.


Blue Sector was created by Fleet Admiral William Kirk in 2396.

Fourteen years later, in 2410, Julian Bashir, a former member of Section 31 and informant for Blue Sector, went rogue. The USS Vigilance tried to apprehend him but the attempt was foiled by the crew of the USS Olympia.

Later that year, Blue Sector took part in the Iconian War, although their involvement was limited.

Known Operatives

Official Members

  • Fleet Admiral William 'Galvus' Kirk, co-founder, first-in-command, captain of USS Vigilance and USS Patriot

Non-official Members

Known Vessels

Known Operations

  • The Battle of Wormhole Andromeda


  • The name Blue Sector comes from a metaphorical part of a governmental system, a gray area or 'blue sector' where someone can get away with things they normally cannot.
  • Blue Sector often has contact with Section 31, another secretive organization within Starfleet.
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