Daniel Dyas was an enlisted man serving on the USS Voyager in the 2370s.

Early life

Dyas was born in 2350 on Solosos III, a planet near Cardassian space. He dreamed of going to space and exploring the distant planets.

Starfleet Career

In 2368, he decided to join Starfleet as an enlisted man so he would not have to attend Starfleet Academy for four years and begin serving right away. After serving on a small Federation station for three years, Dyas decided to ask for a transfer to a Federation starship.

The USS Voyager

Starfleet assigned Dyas to the newly completed ship Voyager. Dyas arrived on Voyager and worked in engineering as a technician. Dyas survived the Caretaker's violent pull of Voyager to the Delta Quadrant in 2371 and was forced to work with the Maquis on the ship after the two crews combined. During the first few weeks of the journey, Dyas broke up a fight in engineering between B'Elanna Torres and Joe Carey after Torres broke his nose.


In 2372, Dyas and Commander Chakotay took the shuttlecraft Tereshkova to a nebula. The two were searching for duranium, since Voyager's hull began to erode from constant bombardment by the Kazon. However, the Kazon closed in on the shuttle. Jal Karden, a Kazon Chakotay had run into in the same year, killed Dyas by shooting him with his weapon. Karden announced that Chakotay would be free to go, as Karden had killed one man, he saw no need to kill another.