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Dar Klatus


Dar Klatus system


Formerly: M




Arucanis Arm


Drog Mining Consortium
Formerly: Pe'khdar Nation


Dar Klatus, formally Dar Klatus A Prime or Tau Arucanis 50 A Prime, is the first planet of the Dar Klatus system and the homeworld of the Pe'khdar species.

The planet orbits between the star Dar Klatus A and its binary companion Dar Klatus B.

It was formerly a Class M world, but in approximately 2115 the Pe'khdar species all but destroyed itself in a nuclear war that sent millions of tons of radioactive dust into the atmosphere, causing a nuclear winter. Most of the vegetation died, and the few surviving Pe'khdar faced starvation as their world turned to radioactive wasteland.

A Ferengi trader happened upon the planet in 2230, and the surviving clans were able to strike a deal with the Ferengi Alliance's Grand Nagus Drog. In exchange for selling the planet and its valuable mineral deposits to Drog's personal company, the Drog Mining Consortium, the Ferengi rescued the 500,000 survivors from the planet and helped them build their first space habitats.

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