The Delta Flyer-class (also Flyer-class or Delta-class) was a type of Federation runabout originally designed by the crew of the USS Voyager while they were lost in the Delta Quadrant. Unlike any other shuttlecraft before it, the Delta Flyer was a mix of Starfleet and Borg technology, and was designed to perform in situations that were deemed too hazardous for standard shuttlecraft.


After learning and studying the Delta Flyer’s specs, sent to Starfleet via datastream transmission and later when Voyager returned to Earth, Starfleet put the class in limited production.

The Delta Flyer-class Charger was refit with an upgraded warp core, allowing it to reach maximum speeds of warp 8.2.

Technical information

The Flyer-class shuttle was 21 meters long, 12.2 meters wide, and 5.3 meters high. Its normal cruising speed was warp 6, while its maximum cruising speed was warp 7.2. It had a standard mission duration of ten days. USS Voyager’s shuttles of the class were the Delta Flyer and the Delta Flyer II.

Among the many features included on the class were an ultra-aerodynamic tetraburnium alloy hull, retractable warp nacelles, parametallic hull plating, unimatrix shielding, and a Borg-inspired weapons systems, including pulse phasers and photonic missiles. The shuttle sported pop-out impulse thrusters, which gave the ship greater sublight speeds.

Ships commissioned

The Horne

Following her return to Federation territory during the Borg Invasion of 2381, the USS Titan had at least one Flyer-class shuttle, the Horne, added to her shuttle compliment before she departed back into deep space to continue her mission of exploration. Of all Titan's shuttles, the new Flyer-class was the fastest. In that year, Doctor Shenti Yisec Eres Ree, under the influence of his paternal instinct, kidnapped the pregnant Deanna Troi and stole the Horne when he felt Troi and her baby would not be safe on the Titan. Upon boarding the Horne, Ree tore out the pilot's chair to make a more comfortable position for his non-humanoid form to control the ship. He then used the ship's weapons systems to shoot an opening in the Titan's shuttlebay permitting him to escape.

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