Deon Bennett






149 lbs.










October 20, 2349


Federation, Starfleet



Chief of Operations


USS Livingston (2367-2372)
Deep Space 9 (2372-2375)
Pathfinder Project (2376-2378)


Senior chief petty officer (inactive)


Deon Bennett was an enlisted officer serving on the USS Livingston and Deep Space 9 in the late 24th century.

Early life

Bennett was born on October 20th, 2349 in Canada. He entered Starfleet looking for a challenge in his life. After joining Starfleet in 2367, he was assigned to the Livingston as a senior propulsion technician, under the command of Captain Howard. Shortly after joining the crew of the Livingston, the ship came under attack by the Klingons. Bennett grabbed a phaser and hid in a Jeffries tube. His intricate knowledge of the Livingston helped him regain control of the ship and he was hailed as a hero. He was promoted to chief operations officer by Captain Howard.

Deep Space 9

After serving on the Livingston as chief operations officer for three years, Bennett looked for a new assignment. So, in 2372, Bennett was transferred to the space station Deep Space 9. He worked under Chief Miles O'Brien, repairing essential station components. While at Deep Space 9, Bennett met another enlisted officer, Kenneth Cardinal. It was during this period that Bennett was promoted from a crewman third class to a chief petty officer in mid-2372. Bennett and Cardinal worked together closely, until the Dominion War broke out in 2373.

Dominion War

Bennett, along with the rest of the Starfleet personnel, were forced to evacuate when the Dominion took control of the station. Bennett served on the Defiant, commanded by Benjamin Sisko for a few months, before being called out to the front lines on the planet AR-558 in 2374. Bennett saved his entire platoon when it was ambushed by the Jem'Hadar, however, during the battle, Bennett was hit by a Dominion weapon and needed to have his arm amputated. He was later fitted with a bio-synthetic arm. It was because of this act that Bennett was given the Federation Medal of Valor and a promotion to senior chief petty officer.

Pathfinder Project

When the war was finally won by the Federation Alliance, Bennett returned to Earth in early 2376 and was transferred to the Pathfinder project, as an engineer. For this position, he was named senior engineering specialist. Bennett stayed at this role until 2378, when Voyager returned to Earth. Bennett then decided to resign his commission and start a new career as an architect. His first task was to build a home for former Voyager XO, Commander Chakotay, in South America. After completing the project, Bennett decided to live in San Francisco, where he began a construction firm in 2379.