Kenneth Cardinal was an eccentric Starfleet enlisted sailor, who served on Deep Space 9 in the 2370s.

Deep Space 9

Cardinal entered Starfleet in 2371 as a technician and an engineer. He frequently clashed with Captain Benjamin Sisko, who believed he should tone down his behavior. For instance, at Quark's bar in 2372, he threw a chair across the room and tried to disgust people. Sisko and Cardinal's conflict came to a head later that year during a meeting in Sisko's office. The two violently attacked each other, until Cardinal's friend, Chief Deon Bennett tried to break the two up, but he received an elbow in the face by Sisko in Ops. Dr. Julian Bashir was able to treat the men for their injuries, but Sisko warned Cardinal to not be within five hundred feet near him again or he would have Constable Odo arrest him.


Cardinal later left Deep Space 9 in 2375 and was later expelled from Starfleet in 2377 for illegal magnesite operations at a planetoid.