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Mars (or Sol IV) was the fourth planet in the Sol system. It was named after the Roman God of War, due to its rusty surface appearance. Mars also has two asteroidic-moons named Phobos and Deimos, which mean "fear" and "terror" respectively.


Arthur Lewisham and Verna Mitrios were the first people from Earth to set foot on Mars and planted their nations flag in the soil.

Lewisham placing the Union Jack on Mars

The first and largest colony on Mars was the British Martian Territory, despite its name it contained colonists from all over the Commonwealth of Nations this colony became part of the Confederated Martian Colonies in 2105 along with colonies from other nations such as United States, China, Russia and France.

Mars was one of the first planets colonized by Human race who began their efforts in 2103. (VOY: "The 37's") It became the first fully established colony of United Earth. Colonization of the planet involved a primitive form of terraforming that involved Zubrin craters where each transparent nanoplastic membranes being placed around each crater on the surface whereupon an alteration of each few thousand hectares of lands biosphere. Thus, an attempt was made to terraform the world; one crater at a time. To oversee the development process of Mars surface, Earth awarded a license to a business body known as the Consortium that handled the terraforming and development of the planet.

Mars attack

Mars attacked by the Rogue Synths.

Sometime in the 2380s, Mars was attacked by Rogue Synths. This resulted in tens of thousands of Casualties. (ST: "Children of Mars")

Parallel universes and alternate timelines


In the 26th century, Mars was terraformed by the GITR. The Terraformation took seventy-eight years to complete.

Advanced Worlds

Mars (formerly Sol IV) was a class D planet. After it was terraformed into a class M planet, it was renamed Novos Terra by the United Earth Government.

Omega universe

Mars was a strategically important planet for the Earth Republic and was colonized by Humans in 2103.

Following the Vulcan Civil War, several Vulcan relics and artifacts were sent to Mars for archiving. Several Vulcan refugees established the Martian Museum of Vulcan Culture to help preserve Vulcan culture and keep it from dying out.

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