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mining vessel (heavily augmented with Borg technology)


Romulan Star Empire


lost (prime universe); destroyed (alternate universe)




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The Narada was a Romulan mining ship in service of the Romulan Mining Guild, and commanded by Captain Nero, in the 2380s. Mainly due to the destruction of Romulus Hobus supernova crisis (along with his wife and possible children) Nero had taken the ship on a personal mission of revenge against the single man he personally blamed for his homeworlds destruction Spock.


The Narada originally appeared much different in the prime universe than it did in the the alternate reality, or by its other names of alternate universe, alternate reality, or the "diverged" universes, This is mainly due to the massive retrofitting by Nero and his equally vengeful crew. The near entire ship was repieced by upgrading the ships components with both stolen and salvaged (mainly salvaged) Borg and some current Federation components. By the refits completion the Narada bore little to no resemblance to what it once was, now bearing its "bladed cephalopodial" (or knife like octopus) like appearance.

Its size is extremely large and its weapon systems are very powerful when it became upgraded. When the ship captured Ambassador Spock's ship the Jellyfish, the Narada could take out an entire planet due to the Jellyfish's stored red matter which when properly focused and deployed could create various forms of black holes and several quantum singularities .


It destroyed Vulcan and tried to destroy Earth. Before it destroyed Vulcan it also destroyed a Federation fleet rather quickly due to its advanced weapons. Nero tried to make the galaxy suffer as much as he did when Romulus was destroyed by the Hobus supernova but both he and his ship were destroyed when young Spock slammed the future Spock's "Jellyfish" ship into the heart of the Narada and due to the stored red matter being released it created a black hole in the center of the Narada destroying it from all sides.


  • Commanding Officer: Captain Nero
  • Executive Officer: Ayel
  • Others: Baratt, Sahthara, Thrai, Xandr

Auxiliary craft

The Narada's support craft included at least on evac shuttle and one Romulan shuttle.

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