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Nero ir-Benheris tr'Sihalian, née tr'Ahrimar
Nero in year 2258 of the alternate reality.








2318, Benheris Mountains


2258, deep space near Sol system (alternate reality)


Formerly: Romulan Star Empire, Romulan Mining Guild







Captain (civilian)
Decurion (retired)


Missing, presumed dead (2387, prime universe)
Deceased (2258, alternate reality)


Marital Status:



Mandana t'Sihalian (2375-2387, deceased)


unborn son (deceased 2387)

"I chose a life of honest labor, to provide for myself and the wife who was expecting my child. I was off-planet, doing my job while your Federation did nothing, and allowed my people to burn while their planet broke in half. And Spock, he didn't help us. He betrayed us!"
Nero to Captain Christopher Pike, 2258

Nero, full name Nero ir-Benheris tr'Sihalian, born Nero ir-Benheris tr'Ahrimar, was a Romulan miner originating from the late 24th century, and captain of the mining vessel Narada. Following the destruction of Romulus in 2387, Nero sought vengeance against those he felt were responsible, ultimately resulting in his being transported back in time to 2233. (Star Trek, Lch'R: "A Day on the Farm")


Nero was born in a rural area of the Benheris Mountains on Romulus in 2318 and by adulthood had been working part-time in the local gemstone-mining camps for four years. He graduated from Ki Baratan College with a double major in geology and construction engineering in 2342 and joined the Romulan Mining Guild, rapidly reaching the rank of foreman. He was soon transferred offworld to work as a camp manager on Remus.

As the Dominion War loomed, Nero volunteered for service in the Romulan military in 2372 and was assigned to the IRW Haakona under Riov Taris t'Vahrenlhis as a noncommissioned officer in the vessel's Romulan Imperial Army complement. He served with distinction in the war and was twice wounded, and was awarded the Sotarek Citation for risking his own life to protect civilians sheltering in a farmhouse during the recapture of Benzar. During the war he grew close to another member of his squad, Mandana t'Sihalian.

After mustering out of the military at the end of the war, Nero married Mandana and rejoined the Mining Guild. In 2379 he was given command of the mining vessel Narada.


In 2387 Nero's crew were drilling for decalithium on a planetoid in the Hobus system when they observed the Hobus star emit an unusually strong coronal mass ejection, infused with exotic particles, accompanied by massive fluctuations in radiation output. Realizing the danger, he ordered his crew to abandon their equipment and return to the ship, and warped out.

Upon return to Romulus Nero was ordered to attend a Romulan Imperial Senate hearing regarding the condition of the Hobus star, which was believed to be building towards supernova. He spoke in favor of Ambassador Spock's plan to use red matter to eliminate the star, but the plan was denied by the Praetorate. With his wife's encouragement, Nero joined Spock in traveling to Vulcan to execute the plan regardless of the Romulan government, but the Vulcan government likewise denied their request.

Spock and Nero worked together to refine the necessary red matter from the decalithium they had mined, but they were too late. Hobus went supernova with such force that the shockwave breached subspace and traveled across space at faster-than-light speeds. Billions of Romulans and Remans were killed, including Mandana and their unborn son. (Star Trek: Countdown)

Insane with grief, Nero destroyed through subterfuge three Federation starships that had come to render humanitarian aid. He then traveled to the Vault, a Romulan military research station, had his vessel upgraded with Borg technology, and set about taking revenge on anyone and everyone he thought responsible for the disaster, starting with the survivors of the Senate and Praetorate. After intercepting a transmission from the IRW Albintian, intent on escorting the survivors of the government across the Romulan Neutral Zone to Federation space, he attacked. The Narada disabled the Albintian, and Nero and his men boarded the shuttle and spaced everyone aboard. They then warped out, leaving the Albintian for dead. (Star Trek: Countdown; Lch'R: "A Day on the Farm", "An Afternoon in the Hive")

Nero began attacking relief ships and eventually encountered Spock aboard the Jellyfish, who was in the process of detonating a series of red matter devices around the perimeter of the Hobus blast zone to prevent the shockwave from doing any more damage. During the final detonation, the Narada attacked the Jellyfish and both vessels were sucked into the black hole. The Narada emerged in 2233. (Star Trek, Star Trek: Countdown)

Alternate reality

Nero's actions in the past resulted in the creation of an alternate reality. In this reality, he was directly responsible for the destruction of the USS Kelvin as well as the deaths of its two senior officers, Captain Richard Robau and Lieutenant George Kirk. Kirk's death altered the upbringing of his son, James T. Kirk, who in this timeline did not join Starfleet until 2255. Nero was later responsible for the destruction of the alternate reality's Vulcan, which resulted in the deaths of Amanda Grayson and the majority of the Vulcan race. Nero also attempted to destroy this timeline's Earth, but his plot was foiled by Jim Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Nero's vessel became trapped in an artificial black hole, but the mad Romulan refused to surrender and Kirk fired on the Narada, damaging the vessel's structural integrity field. The black hole did the rest and Nero and his crew were killed as their vessel was crushed. (Star Trek)

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