Navaar an Orion female

Planet of Origin:



Orion Free States
Orion Syndicate
United Federation of Planets
Klingon Empire

Environmental Needs:

Class M and L Conditions

Life Span:

150 years

Orion Male
For Warship Voyager species, see Orion (Warship VOY).

The Orions (Ur'eon or Kolari) were humanoids from the Beta Quadrant. Botchok, Kolar, and Vondem were all claimed as their original homeworld. They were loosely formed into a collection of settlements known as the Orion Syndicate.

Captain Richard D. Givens, at the time a lieutenant, visited an Orion planet in 2432 for shore leave and apparently spent his time with a slave girl.


Around 1547 the Orions were a peaceful race where males and females lived in harmony, but in 1605, the males began oppressing females. This led to females developing genetic enhancements, which eventually allowed them to seduce males of numerous species. After 35 years, all Orion females were able to seduce the males with pheromones their bodies naturally produced.


The Orions lived on a planet orbiting a blue-white star, supposedly they evolved to a green-tinted skin that keeps them relatively immune to United Federation of Planets


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