Memory Gamma

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This is a Star Trek series that takes place in the prime universe but it takes a Star Trek outside of the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time. In this series of stories Starfleet has explored all of the Milky Way galaxy after finishing off with the Delta Quadrant in 2387 finishing out the latter 24th century and entering the 25th century this is also a sci-fi crossover event between the following Syfy series Star Trek, Lost in space, men in black, Battlestar Galactica, The ex files, Ender Wiggin and Doctor Who. . Story titles include

The new cadets Star Trek the fifth generation book 1

End of the neutral zones Star Trek the fifth generation book2 2

The new emergency response Holograms Star Trek the fifth generation book 3

Business expansion of the Frenting Star Trek the fifth generation book

The court marshal of Hansen Seska Star Trek the fifth generation book s

Starfleet‘s new admiral Star Trek the fifth generation/ Ender Wiggin crossover Book 6

The new temporal agents Star Trek The Fifth Generation/\Men In Black crossover crossover Book 7

Terrors To Freeze Your Souls Star Trek The Fifth Generation\Battlestar Galactica crossover Book 8

The Federation’s New Space Station Star Trek The Fifth Generation\ Lost In Space crossover Book 9

Where no man has gone before star Trek the fifth generation/ The X Files crossover Book 10

The Shadow Proclamation Star Trek The Fifth Generation\Doctor Who crossover Book 11

The TARDIS’s New Cloaking Device Star Trek The Fifth Generation/Doctor Who crossover Book 12

The Federation's New President Star Trek the fifth generation/Doctor Who crossover Book13

No End To Space And Time Star Trek The Fifth Generation/Doctor crossover Who Book 14

More stories are to come including companion series entitled Star Trek deep space 13 and Star Trek Galactica for the prime universe