Seal of the Office of the Federation President.

The President of the United Federation of Planets, commonly known as the Federation president, was the head of the Federation, operating from the Office of the President. Formally, the President was the chairman of the Federation Council, but in most non-ceremonial situations the Council was chaired by the Parliamentarian.

The Federation President was the head of government of Starfleet, and was elected by the council using a qualified majority system for a period of five years, although the Council could remove a President by a vote of non-confidence.

Notable Presidents

Presidents of the Federation
Honorific President Image Term Party Home World
The Honorable Thomas Vanderbilt 2161-2165 Independent Earth
The Honorable Haroud al-Rashid 2165-2173 Unionist Earth
The Logical T'Maran 2173-2177 Diversity Vulcan
The Serene Avaranthi sh'Rothress 2177-2185 Parliamentarian Andoria
The Honorable Jonathan Archer 2185-2193 Federal Earth
The First Gralless 2193-2197 Debate Tellar Prime
The Logical Sardix 2197-2201 Surak Vulcan
The Honorable Delia Hernández 2285 Federal Earth


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