Religion is an abstract set of ideas, values, or experiences developed from cultural interaction. It usually revolves around the idea of the supernatural, sacred, divine, or the highest truth. Religion encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and mystic experience. It is often codified in prayer, ritual, and religious law.

Bajor, a Federation member since 2376 (DS9 novel: Unity), was home to the Bajorans, whose religion was centered on the Prophets. The religion was highly influential across Bajoran society.

Religion had also been influential in the history of Earth, a founding member of the Federation, though no one religion was predominant on the planet. While visiting Earth during the mid-22nd century, Phlox attempted to familiarize himself with many of the planet's religions. (ENT: "Cold Front")

Known religious Starfleet officers

Although few Human Starfleet officers were known to be religious, some Federation starships, at least in the 23rd century, were known to include a nondenominational chapel.

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