The Riker maneuver was a tactical formation created by Admiral William T. Riker during his final battle before retirement. The Riker maneuver is carried out like this: the phaser arrays of a starship are reconfigured to absorb the nadion energy from phasers, this energy is absorbed into the phaser emitters until they're at maximum capacity, this means that the total phaser energy of each starship in the fleet carrying out this maneuver (whether three or ten) has just been compacted into one small space, the resulting phaser blast, if directed at one ship, can overcome any shield which doesnt contain more energy than the phaser blast, and obliterate the ship, or if spread out to evenly strike multiple ships, can cause severe damage to a shield and moderate damage to the ship inside the shield. The Riker maneuver is popular due to its yield and has been used two dozen times since its first usage.

The Riker maneuvers most popular usage was during the Battle of Melona in the Federation-Galactonian War.

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