Sayoona was a Native American Human woman who was the mother of Starfleet officer Chakotay and Sekaya.

Sayoona was born in 2301 in San Diego. Her father was a Starfleet officer who was assigned to Luna and her mother was a gardener. In 2325, she met Kolopak, a Native American man visiting Earth from his home colony, Solosos IV. The two met and fell in love. They decided to marry in 2327 and in late December 2328, she learned she was pregnant with their child. Kolopak decided to name the child "Chakotay", the name for "Hawk" in Kolopak's tribe. Sayoona and Kolopak moved to Solosos IV, before Chakotay was born. On September 12th, 2329, Chakotay was born. However, for the first few days of Chakotay's life, Sayoona became extremely depressed with Kolopak insisting on raising the child the way his tribe wanted him to, while she wanted to raise Chakotay the same was she was. Soon after, Sayoona had had enough and left on a transport to Earth. She later divorced Kolopak in 2341 and married another man.