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Emblem of Starfleet Command (24th century)




United Federation of Planets



Starfleet Command logo 2409
Emblem of Starfleet Command (2409) in the Cryptic universe.
For additional meanings of "Starfleet", please see Starfleet (disambiguation).
"Ad astra audacter in alis fidelis"
— Starfleet Motto

(Translation: To the stars boldly, on wings faithful)

Starfleet was the exploratory and defensive force of the United Federation of Planets. It was overseen by Starfleet Command, which operated out of Starfleet Headquarters.

The function of Starfleet was to explore unknown territory on the behalf of the Federation government, to defend the Federation and its allies from threats, to further Federation policies and interests throughout interstellar space, and when applicable, to initiate first contact with newly-discovered worlds and engage in diplomatic negotiations on the behalf of the Federation.


The Federation Starfleet was chartered in 2161 with the founding of the Federation. A charter was written and an institution for the training of the Federation Starfleet officer corps, Starfleet Academy, was established. The Federation Starfleet was created from the space and science programs and militaries of the Federation's founding Member States, including the United Earth Starfleet (founded in 2141), the Andorian Imperial Guard, and the Vulcan, Tellarite, and Alpha Centauri military forces. Starfleet Headquarters, the primary hub of Starfleet Command, was built near the Presidio in San Francisco on Earth, as the United Earth Starfleet Command complex had been, as was the Academy.

Alternate History[]

In an alternate universe, Starfleet was the primary branch of the Starfleet Operating Forces and was one of the nine Federation Uniformed Services. It was commanded by the Commander, Starfleet and reported to the Federation Secretary of Exploration.


The role of Starfleet within the UFP has been a subject of persistent controversy. It's supporters see it as the embodiment of the values of the Federation, while it's opponents see it as a secret and dangerous state with far too much control over the UFP.


Starfleet is divided into numerous departments, divisions, and independent agencies. Actual starship operations fall under the control of the Chief of Starfleet Operations and are organized by fleets.

There are forty-five numbered Fleets, plus TacFleet and the Active Reserve Force. Each numbered fleets and TacFleet are made up of two Task Forces, and the Active Reserve Force is made of six, as well as the Starfleet Training Squadron. Each task force in the numbered fleets and reserves three Battle Groups, and two in TacFleet. A battle group is made up of three Frontline Squadrons and two Support Squadrons. Each unit type larger than a squadron is led by a flagship and has extra support ships.

Starfleet Table of Operations
Unit Composition Starships Support Ships Total Ships Typical Command Rank Starship Personnel Support Personnel "Ground" Personnel Total Personnel
Starfleet Forty-five (45) Fleets, TacFleet, etc. 7,463 8,224 15,687 Fleet Admiral 2,046,932 1,036,392 13,608,240 16,691,564
Fleet Two (2) Task Forces 153 164 317 Admiral 41,970 20,832 164,992 227,794
TacFleet Two (2) TacFleet Task Forces 103 110 213 Admiral 30,022 13,950 114,652 158,624
Active Reserve Force Six (6) Task Forces, Starfleet Training Squadron 474 494 968 Admiral 127,560 62,682 344,925 535,167
Task Force Three (3) Battle Groups 76 78 154 Vice Admiral 20,510 10,044 53,082 83,636
TacFleet Task Force Two (2) Battle Groups 51 52 103 Vice Admiral 14,536 6,696 35,388 56,620
Battle Group Three (3) Starship Squadrons and Two (2) Support Squadrons 25 24 49 Rear Admiral 6,668 3,162 14,148 23,978
Starship Squadron Six (6) to Ten (10) Class I Starships 6 - 10 0 6 - 10 Commodore 2,000 0 9,000 11,000
Support Squadron Eight (8) to Twelve (12) Class II Support Ships 0 8 - 12 8 - 12 Captain 0 930 5,500 6,430
Starfleet Training Squadron Eighteen (18) Starships and Twenty-six (26) Support Ships 18 26 44 Rear Admiral 4,500 2,418 12,452 19,370

note: Vessel crews are average numbers.

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Pre-Federation Starships[]

Federation starships[]

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Starfleet Agencies, Departments, and Divisions
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