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The Starfleet Corps of Engineers (also referred to as Corps of Engineers, Starfleet Engineering, or Starfleet Engineering Corps, and abbreviated SCE) was an agency of Starfleet assigned to deal with projects and missions requiring high degrees of engineering expertise.

This agency was one of the oldest in the Federation, with its origins dating back to the United Earth Starfleet. The agency was headquartered at the Fleet Operations Center in San Francisco and was overseen by the Command Liaison, a position created in 2279.[1]


Following the Borg invasion of 2381, a detachment from the SCE was assigned to refit Starbase 74, under the supervision of Commander Hugh MacDonald. The refit took several years, and was finally completed in 2383.

In the latter part of the 24th century, the SCE worked with Starfleet Shipyard Operations and the Advanced Starship Design Bureau to implement the Fleet Modernization Program. This program was developed to update and refit all the starships under the purview of Starfleet Command.

Beginning in the 2390s, the SCE proposed and adopted the Modular Design Program, which called for modular starship designs where various components could easily be swapped or replaced between starship types and classes.[2]

The corps also participated in the conversion of Aslan-class starships into Gandalf-class starships in the late 2600s.


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