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Starfleet Medical
Medcomm 21


United Federation of Planets



Commanding Officers:

Leonard McCoy


Starfleet Red Cross

Starfleet Medical by StarTrekAdmiral

Starfleet Medical is one of the major administrative divisions of Starfleet. It deals with all medical and clinical matters affecting and involving Starfleet.

It operates hospitals and other health care facilities as well as laboratories for biomedical research, and trains and manages the Navy's many staff corps related to medicine. Its headquarters is located at San Francisco on Earth.

The commanding officer of Starfleet Medical is the Starfleet Surgeon General who holds the rank of full medical Admiral.

Starfleet Medical is divided into four main departments, each commanded by a medical Rear Admiral, namely:

  • The Medical Corps
  • The Nurse Corps
  • The Dental Corps
  • The Medical Services Corps

Starfleet Medical is also divided into several field divisions, each commanded by a medical Commodore. One of which is Vanguard Command.

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