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Starfleet Security is an administrative command division of Starfleet that is housed at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco on Earth. It is commanded by the Chief of Starfleet Security.


Starfleet Security is responsible for all security matters aboard all Federation starships and at all Federation starbases and outposts. In this function, they act in ways analogous to local and regional police agencies, but Starfleet Security's mandate extends much farther than that. In addition, Starfleet Security is responsible for providing security at all Federation government facilities, such as the Palais de la Concorde.

Starfleet Security is responsible for maintaining and enforcing Starfleet regulations, procedures and policies on all Starfleet and affiliated facilities, outposts, and vessels, and is responsible for setting security clearances for all Starfleet and government personnel and facilities. Starfleet Security often works in conjunction with Starfleet Intelligence.

A special division of Starfleet Security provides constant security for the Federation President. Members of the presidential protection division are present with the President at all times, and constantly guard the Château Thelian and the Presidential Office. Typically, Security officers are garbed in a standard Starfleet duty uniform; on special occasions, officers may wear formal wear from their home planets or a Starfleet dress uniform.

Starfleet Security personnel

Security personnel served functions both defensive and offensive, ranging from security patrols on board a starship, to guarding prisoners, to firing the ship's weapons, to providing protection during landing party/away team missions, and more. In the 24th century the officer in charge of security on a starship was given the title of Security Chief.

Known Chiefs of Starfleet Security

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