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Fast Assault Cruiser


Retired (by 2385)












445 (35 Officers -250 Enlisted Crew - Troops 160 MACO)


Warp Factor 9.8


4 forward / 4 aft torpedoes
Siege Phasers (12 banks of 2 each)
One Mega-Phaser


deflector shields


The States-class assault cruisers was the first operational Fast Assault Cruiser in Starfleet.


The States Class succeeded the Kolm-An-class and Continent-class as the Federation's heavy Assault ship designs. These unique vessels have gained the respect and admiration of their crews because of their handling characteristics and offensive capabilities. One vessel that stands out of all the States-class is the USS Arkansas. It had more battle's seen in the later 24th century during the Dominion War.

All States-class was retired between 2380 and 2395 to Qualor II Surplus Depot Z15.


Engineering teams took the old Starstalker-class secondary hull spaceframe, and Constitution-class refit primary hull. These ships have so captured the heart and spirit of the Terra that the majority are crewed solely by them. All have been named for all States of Terra. The States-class forms the core of all squadrons in the famed in the 'Beta Terra Fleet', and is an integral part of front line troop cruisers forces for Starfleet.

The warp engines are mounted like the Starstalker-class and with Excelsior-class warp engines. As with all Starfleet vessels, the engines can be jettisoned in case of an overload in the matter/anti-matter chamber. The States-class's are the first ship's in Starfleet to have low power warp engine called Microwarp drive that is located in neck of the ship and have's the first holodeck on a starship.

The States assault cruisers saw great use in battles against the Klingons, Tholians, Breen and Romulan Empires. The ability to saturate a target with photon torpedo fire proved an excellent way to cripple targets at range, making all the strongest cruisers and the fast transport assault troops sufficiently so skirmish units could finish the job.

Rather, the intended use of its photon torpedoes arsenal is in planetary bombardment operations.


USS Arkansas NCC-63000

And it is first ship in Starfleet to have holodeck for troops or(MACO). Plus it is the ship only to have two transporter rooms that has 80 pods each on a starship.

One ship stands out of all the States-class and that is the USS Arkansas. It had seen more battles in the later 24th century during the Dominion War.

The States-class assault cruisers were never built in great numbers, but remained important assault units throughout the early 24th century.

During the Dominion War, the efforts of the States-class assault cruisers were overshadowed by those of the far more numerous Excelsior-class cruisers.

Ships Crew: USS Arkansas[]

Captain – William Martin Anders -Human -Male

Chief Military Officer - Lieutenant Colonel- (Sebe) Seb Th'qathress – Andorian - Male

Command Officer- Commander- Lori April Sharp – Human-Andoran – Female

Chief Doctor- Lieutenant Commander- Bill Ryan McCaphe - Human

Chief Engineer- Lieutenant Commander- Alan Blair - Human

Helm- Lieutenant - Jeff Conaway – Human- Male

Navigator- Ensign- Srox – Edosian - Male

Weapons Officer – First Lieutenant – Triex – Edosian - Male

Chief of Security- Lieutenant- Crus S'Nus – Caitian -Male

Science Officer- Lieutenant- Lu T'so – Vulcan - Male

Communication Officer- Ensign - Shigun Nahk – Tellarite - Female

Military Communication Officer- Ensign – (Sara) Saraa Sh'rhialrak – Andorian - Female

Transporter Chief- Senior chief petty officer - Bill Mumy – Human -Male

Combat Systems Engineer- Master chief petty officer- (Iral) Iral Ch'kakrin – Andorian - Male


New refit for the States-class, more MACOs, torpedo launchers Quantum torpedo, phasers 12 Type-12 Phaser array, mega-phaser Quantum-Phaser, shields Metaphasic shields, Quantum shields.

Deck Plan[]

States MSD
Deck No Ship Locations
1 Main Bridge, Commanding Officers Ready Room
2 Commanding Officers Ready Room and Executive Officers Office
3 Office's lounge, mess and fresh water tanks.
4 Senior Office's Quarter's, Phasers banks and fresh water tanks.
5 Office's Quarter's, Office's lounge, Escape pods and Supply rooms.
6 Crew Quarter's, lounge, mess, upper food storage with Cargo Transporter, upper impulse engine, and Mega Phase Canon.
7 Crew Quarter's, Medical Office's, Sick Bay, lower food storage with Cargo Transporter, main impulse engine, main Transporter rooms and upper Holodeck.
8 Crew Quarter's, lower impulse engine, Troop's Quarter's, cargo hold, lounge, mess, two 80 pad Transporter rooms, plaza, Computer Core and lower Holodeck.
9 Ambassador Quarter's, Gymnasium, fresh water tanks, Phasers banks, Computer Core.
10 Ambassador lounge, Mess and supply rooms
11 Labs and supply rooms.
10 B Storage
11 B Storage
12 Lounge
13 Torpedo rakes and storage.
14 Torpedo Tubs 1-2-5-6,rakes and storage
15 Warp engines, fresh water tanks, and main body thrusters
16 Maintenance
17 Engineering Maintenance and workshop's
18 Main shuttle bay and Cargo Deck
19 Main Cargo Deck and shuttle parking
20 Main Engineering
21 Recreation deck
22 Torpedo rakes and storage.
23 Torpedo Tubs 3-4-7-8,rakes and storage.

States class starships[]

  • USS States
  • USS Arkansas
  • USS California
  • USS Illinois
  • USS Iowa
  • USS Kansas
  • USS Maine
  • USS Mississippi
  • USS Missouri
  • USS New York
  • USS Oklahoma
  • USS Texas