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Bait and Switch
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December 2409



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Bait and Switch is a Star Trek Online fanfic by StarSword-C, and a novelization of his Foundry mission series of same title.

The year is 2409 and the USS Bajor, a Galaxy-class starship under the command of Captain Kanril Eleya, is reassigned to the Beta Ursae Fleet Area for civil defense patrol. But what began as an ordinary duty posting becomes vastly more complicated when the Orion Syndicate launches a massive coordinated raid across much of the sector block.

The fic shares a universe with Red Fire, Red Planet.

Canon liberties

The story is intended to be mostly STO canon-friendly, with the following caveats:

  • It expands the length of time over which Star Trek Online's "Klingon War" story arc occurs to three years to make the speed of rank progression a little more sensible, even with Kanril Eleya having been fast-tracked to captain. Likewise, Kanril started as a veteran lieutenant junior grade with experience as an enlisted sailor rather than a totally green ensign.
  • The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual is treated as a higher source for tech details than the shows, since they've been known to contradict themselves within the same episode.


Federation, Starfleet

USS Bajor NCC-97238

Main article: USS Bajor/Personnel

Marduk Carrier Battle Group CBG-62

Beta Ursae Fleet Area


Main Series
Chapter Title Published
1 Nebula Surveys are Boring. Film at Eleven. 29 September 2013
2 Reporting as Ordered 2 October 2013
3 Arrivals and Departures 3 October 2013
4 Civil Defense Patrol Is Boring, Too 6 October 2013
5 No, It's Not, Either 7 October 2013
6 Asymptotic to Death 17 October 2013
7 A Nightmarish Rage 20 November 2013
8 A Captain's Hardest Job 27 January 2014
9 The Cardassian and the Trill 2 February 2014
10 Par for the Course
Side Stories
Red Fire, Red Planet 24 March 2014
"An Anomalous Nightmare" 12 May 2014
Legacy of ch'Rihan 10 June 2014
Reality Is Fluid 15 June 2014

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