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U.S.S. Marvel


Star Trek: New Horizons is a series of stories the follow the voyages of the USS Marvel under the command of Captain Loreck Avery. The first in the series Origin Story tells the lives of the individual crew members up until they are posted on the Marvel.


USS Marvel Crew
Commanding Officer Loreck Avery
Executive Officer Tarsi zh'Varhil
Chief Science Officer Everett Jackson
Science Hank JonesT'MetMarvixLaronaAlpha
Chief Tactical Officer Adrian Olaes
Tactical VaalikIntcolBarry Magnus
Helmsman Desoco
Navigator Pozoki
Chief Medical Officer Dilalai Quinn
Medical EMHJeyi VeizitMivo GyrlTeniu
Chief Engineer Telles
Engineering BtatKisjooz OmjyhlK'MosiMara FordeOznen Qrall
Operations Manager Five of Seven
Operations VoyneMarcSkavrinNhet'sizTung
Security Chief Korlo
Security DrashElisa YamatoPranKotan Zevok
Counselor Carol Mackenzie
Communications Kira Avery


Agents of Yesterday

Chapter Title Stardate Synopsis
1 "Origin Story" 87852.7 Tells the lives of the individual crew members up until they are posted on the Marvel.
2 "The Starkiller" 23rd century Loreck and Tarsi are posted to the USS Starkiller.
3 "The Kiss of Judas" 23rd century Loreck Avery is betrayed by a close friend whom is seemingly destroyed in a battle.
4 "I Sing of Arms" 23rd century The Starkiller is sent to Taurus II to search for a lost science vessel.
5 "Search and Rescue" 23rd century An away team encounters and treats an injured survivor, however as they do this, they are ambushed by Taureans.
6 "Bull by the Horns" 23rd century By defeating a Klingon away team, Loreck discovers a PADD reavealing the true reason of their presence.
7 "Dislodging Klingons" 23rd century As Loreck arrives at the ship, Garrett informs that there are Klingon boarding parties on board and orders him to secure the engeniering lab, the armory, and main engeniering.
8 "The Taurean Affair" 23rd century Loreck takes the helm and receives orders to investigate a Klingon beacon that is sending transmissions out of the system, then they are ordered to destroy both Klingon satellites, until he receives a distress call from a freighter nearby.
9 "Earthward Bound" 23rd century Loreck gets the opportunity to meet some members of the Enterprise's crew, although McCoy and Scott remembered him for mysterious reasons...
10 "Explore Earth Spacedock" 23rd century Loreck is ordered to speak with the Tailor at on Earth Spacedock to adapt the stripes of his uniform, and then speak with the ship vendor in order to buy a shuttlecraft.
11 "In the Shadow of Cestus" 23rd century Loreck is sent to Edren IV to back up Federation research teams on the planet. As the Starkiller enters the system, they're is hailed by the USS Zheng He, whose captain invites the player with an away team to the planet.
12 "Painful Omens" 23rd century Loreck is sent by Garrett to discover why Deep Space K-13 had gone silent.
13 "Return to Babel" 23rd century Garrett orders the player to lead the negotiations with the Coridian rebels for the release of the hostages.
14 "Tangled Webs" 23rd century Loreck is notified by Garrett about the mobilization of Tholian forces across the border, and is immediately informed by Daniels that the timeline had been tempered with.
15 "The Battle of Caleb IV" 23rd century The USS Starkiller is called to Caleb IV to join a counterattack against the Klingons.
16 "Welcome to the 25th Century" 86443.2 The USS Starkiller is destroyed during the fight after the remaining Federation fleet had departed, but Daniels takes some of the Senior Officers, including Loreck, to 2409.

Klingon War

Chapter Title Stardate Synopsis
1 "Stranded In Space" 86443.2 A Bolian freighter, the SS Azura, has gone missing on her way to Earth Spacedock.
2 "Diplomatic Orders" 86448.7 Quinn informs Loreck that the Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh has requested transportation to the monastery at P'Jem.
3 "Hide and Seek" 86449.0 Coded messages by an Undine infiltrator sends the USS Marvel to a distant nebula where enemies lie and wait.
4 "Stop the Signal" 86457.2 The USS Marvel is ordered to the Bomari System to find and destroy a Klingon listening post in the area.
5 "Researcher Rescue" 86460.7 The USS Marvel is sent to the Kassae System to attempt to regain contact with the Federation science station there.
6 "The Kuvah'Magh" 86463.5 Loreck has to take care of security during a diplomatic meeting between the Klingon Empire and the Federation on Regulus IV.
7 "Treasure Trading Station" 86473.6 Starfleet receives a communication from a servant of one of the Klingon great noble houses who claims to have vital information about the Klingon's war plans.
8 "Secret Orders" 86473.6 Marta claims that the Klingons have a secret base in the Hromi Cluster that they are using as a staging area for an attack on the Federation.
9 "Task Force Hippocrates" 86483.6 There are more reports than usual about Klingon and Gorn attacks along the border of Federation space, so Starfleet has created a task force to patrol the area.
10 "Skirmish" 86497.3 An unexpected enemy returns when the USS Marvel is called to battle in the neutral zone.
11 "Spin the Wheel" 86508.6 A deep cover intelligence operative on Drozana Station needs the help of the USS Marvel.
12 "What Lies Beneath" 86511.3 With the access codes from Ze'mara, an away team heads into the unused maintenance levels of Drozana Station in search of the Devidian 'nest'.
13 "Everything Old is New" 86516.8 Using the Devidian portal discovered, the crew travels back in time to Drozana Station in the mid-23rd Century to investigate the Devidian activities on the station.
14 "Night of the Comet" 86516.8 It has been decided, that Driffen's comet has to be destroyed in the 23rd century in order to prevent the Devidians from using it to permanently shift the entire region into their realm.
15 "The Ultimate Klingon" 86533.2 After rescuing Julian Bashir from a Gorn ambush on his research lab in the Korvat System, Loreck has to investigate a genetic research facility on H'atoria.
16 "The Doomsday Device" 86541.4 After commandeering the IKS Targ, the crew learns of B'vat's plan to unleash the Doomsday Machine on Federation worlds.
17 "City on the Edge of Never" 86550.1 After helping Captain Thelin of the USS Kirk against a Klingon ambush, he reports that Miral Paris, the supposed Kuvah'magh, was kidnapped by B'vat.
18 "Past Imperfect" 86555.6 The crew is transported to the past by the Guardian of Forever to defeat B'vat's schemes and preserve the present.
19 "Temporal Ambassador" 86563.8 The crew is dispatched to study an anomaly in the Azure Nebula, and finds themselves involved in a pivotal moment in history.
20 "Do Androids Grieve For Electric Children?" 86587.4 After a Klingon raid on Al Rigil, an Android begins to show signs of grief for it's "child".

Yesterday's War

Chapter Title Stardate Synopsis
1 "The Once and Future Agent" 86598.4 Loreck Avery meets Phillip Crey and the two discuss the timeline.
2 "The Core of the Matter" 86604.7 Daniels has discovered unusual temporal activity in 23rd century Romulan space and requires the crews assistance.
3 "Vorgon Conclusions" 86610.7 Time-traveling Vorgon agents may be threatening Kal Dano in the future.
4 "Terminal Expanse" 86617.8 The Sphere Builders are conducting operations in a quantum universe similar to our own.
5 "Burning the Star-Spangled Banner" 18th century Muhammad Khan travels into the past in an attempt to alter history to benefit the Children of Khan, his first stop is to prevent the American Revolution from succeeding.
15 "Britannia, rules the stars!" 86483.6 Alternante timeline where the British Empire conquered Earth.
16 "Myriad Universes" 86490.2 With the U.S.S. Marvel destroyed, alternate incarnations of the senior staff must work together, with no knowledge of the Prime Universe, to save all of time itself.
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