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Star Trek: The Movement
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First Published:

24 January 2010

"Love is The Movement..."
— Switchfoot

Star Trek: The Movement is a story series created by TrekkyStar.  

The basic idea for the series is supposed to be about Ivah Clark, her rise to commanding a ship of her own, and how she played a major role in The Movement.

One thing that was used as a "template" for the series was the songs done by the band, Switchfoot. This helped me get an idea for episodes and how they should turn out.  

Episodes are published as they are finished being wrote.

Main characters

  • Ivah Clark; astrometrics officer and lieutenant aboard aboard Aurora.
  • William Tamar, captain of Aurora.
  • Anthony Matthan, first officer and commander aboard Aurora
  • Adina Grace, second officer and ops officer aboard Aurora.
  • Hannah Havilah, lieutenant commander and chief engineer aboard Aurora.
  • Scott Holst, lieutenant commander and chief of security aboard Aurora.
  • Allissa Dawna, lieutenant and navigator aboard Aurora.  


Season 1

Title Stardate Release Date Song 
"I Dare You To Move"   67715.1 2010-01-24 [1]
"Learning To Breathe"" 68821.5 2010-02-07 none found
"Love Is The Movement" 71375.6 2010-02-21 [2]
"You Already Take Me There" 71895.3 tba
"Poparazzi" 72063.2 tba
"Innocence Again" 72135.1 tba
"Playing For Keeps" 72185.0 tba
"The Loser" 72186.2 tba
"The Economy Of Mercy" 72186.9 tba
"Erosion" 72412.6 tba
"Living Is Simple" 72560.3 tba


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