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Author's Note: I would much appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism on my book. I am looking to improve if I can. And for those of you who are just coming to read a good story, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!
Star Trek - Infinity - Beta
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20 + Prologue


2397 (Prologue)
2380-2401 (Holodeck Recreation)


Joev14 (Joel Barnes)

First Published:

June 1st, 2014

Last Published:




Star Trek - Infinity - Beta is the first book in the Star Trek - Infinity fanficton book series, and is written by Joel Barnes, AKA Joev14. The series and its main starship, the USS Infinity, both receive their name from the author's iconic logo.


Zik tapped his commbadge, “Sam, did we get them all?”

She replied, “I only count five, and P’Trell’s not one of them.”

I heard phaser blasts behind me and whirled around just in time to watch Bavelyn get gunned down. P’Trell, Denarchia, and the Klingon came running out of the woods behind us. Zik dove for cover behind a rock nearby as P’Trell fired at him. I screamed as the Klingon ran up to me, preparing to shoot me.

I felt something slam into me, and my eyes widened as the phaser bolt whizzed past me, only a centimeter from my ear. I turned to see my rescuer, and was only half surprised to see Christopher. He fired up at the Klingon’s chest, and he fell to the ground incapacitated.

Zik jumped out from behind his cover and shouted, “Stay down cadets!” He fired at P’Trell and clipped him, but a blast from Denarchia struck him in the arm, causing him to drop his phaser rifle. A second shot from P’Trell dropped him.

Back Cover Synopsis

Dated almost 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis, this series follows Destiny Carver, a Starfleet Cadet who is chosen to go on a two-week training exercise onboard the USS Infinity. Things seem to be going well, Destiny meets a close friend, falls in love, and gains experience on the Infinity, but her future is about to be changed forever.


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  • Cadet Destiny Carver: Female Orion/Human 3rd Year Piloting

Main Characters

  • Cadet Christopher Arch: Male Human 4th Year Piloting
  • Cadet Nicole Crusher: Female Human 3rd Year Sciences
  • Cadet Denarchia: Female Xindi Primate 1st Year Tactical

Supporting Characters

  • Cmdr. Edward Chekov: Male Human Commanding Officer
  • Lt. Cmdr. Dawn Forrester: Female Human Executive Officer/Science Officer
  • Lt. Ghee P'Trell: Male Andorian Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer
  • Lt. Tabora: Female Trill Third Officer/Chief Helmsman
  • Lt. L'Nel: Male Vulcan Chief Engineer
  • Lt. (Dr.) Fiona Layn: Female Human Chief Medical Officer
  • CPO Alyssa Todd: Female Human Chief of Operations
  • Cadet Gro'kog: Male Klingon 2nd Year Tactical
  • Cadet Phoebe Hollow: Female Human 1st Year Medical


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