Mirror Kirk
Captain Kirk of the imperial flagship ISS Enterprise

Planet of Origin:



Terran Empire
Terran Rebellion

Environmental Needs:

Class M conditions

Life Span:

120 years (average)
150 (maximum)

Smiley O'Brien
Miles O'Brien, leader of the Terran Rebellion
For prime universe counterpart, see Human.

In the mirror universe the Terrans are a species native to Earth. By at least 2155 their government, the Terran Empire, had become interstellar and still exists past the 29th century.

Terrans believe themselves to be the born master race and view other species as inferior, as such the have enslaved countless civilizations such as Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Denobulans, Orions and Bajorans.


Terrans are a bipedal, primate species, with an average lifespan of 120 years (2400s). There are two genders - male and female. The average height of a terran male is 193cm (6'3"), compared to 181cm (5'9") for a female.

Terrans are the most culturally and ethnically diverse race in the Galaxy.

The single biological difference between Humans and Terrans was that Terrans we’re slightly more sensitive to light due to the mirror universe being naturally darker, this condition would be known as Photophobia in the prime universe.

Notable Terrans

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