Planet of Origin:



Tholian Assembly

Environmental Needs:

Very hot, 177°C


The Tholian race is a hermaphroditic non-humanoid insectoid species originally from Tholia in the Alpha Quadrant. They are known both for their punctuality and extremely xenophobic reaction to outsiders.


The Tholian's governing body is the Tholian Assembly.


Tholians consist of a silicon/solar energetic Hydrogen-based superstructure. With a inter-constructed crystalline physical sub-structure, which can act as a natural Subspace transmitter.

At least some Tholians were long-lived. One, Loskene, was a military commander who had encountered both the Constitution-class USS Enterprise in 2268 ("The Tholian Web") and the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D a century later.

Another Tholian, Lexoxuene Iujufene encountered Loreck Avery in 2270 and later in 2410. (Star Trek: New Horizons: “Old Enemies”)

First Contact

It is difficult to trace when first contact with the Federation and the Assembly was established. The widely believed rumor was that Jonathan Archer made first contact with the Tholians during a peaceful mission for the Vulcans. He barely escaped with his ship and the lives of his crew, for the Tholians instantly regarded them as a threat.

Further contact with the Federation

When the USS Defiant was sent to meet the Tholians, they killed the crew and set the ship adrift near a temporal/inter-dimensional rift. The Tholians had contacted another race of their own kind from a "mirror universe"; the "Prime-Tholians", wanting to make their race dominant in the mirror universe, moved the Defiant into the rift zone, which caused it to disappear. When the Federation discovered its disappearance, they sent James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise to investigate. Once again, Kirk barely got away with his life and his ship.

Due to this, the Tholians have been left alone. Their area of space, nicknamed "Tholian Space" is a dead zone in the starship navigational charts of the Federation. No further peace attempts have been made by the Federation or the Tholian Assembly.

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