Kell Perim
Kell Perim, an unjoined female Trill.

Planet of Origin:

Trillius Prime


Trill Federation


United Federation of Planets

Environmental Needs:

Class M

Life Span:

Host: 120 years
Symbiont: Unknown

For mirror universe species, see Trill (mirror).

The Trill are a pair of species from the planet Trillius Prime. One is humanoid and distinguished by a pattern of spots from the top of their head to their toes, and the other is a symbiotic slug-like organism called a Trill symbiont. The symbionts often "join" with a humanoid host so they can experience the universe at large.

The Trill joined the Federation sometime around the early 23rd century before that their military was the Trill Private Service, the Trills government is the Trill Federation.

Physical features

The Trill are very similar to Humans except for their spots, which are mostly seen on the sides of their heads. These spots run from their heads down their shoulders and carry on down their torso and legs to the feet.

Other information

The Trill race consists of both hosts and symbionts. The Trill symbiont is a creature which is implanted into a Trill host, and subsequently joins with it, but most of the race consists entirely of unjoined humanoid Trill.

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