Typhon III






near the Typhon Expanse




Typhon III is an ocean world somewhere in the Beta Quadrant in Federation space near the Typhon Expanse, but within the jurisdiction of the Federation.


Typhon III is completely covered in ocean. The only land is the ocean sea-bed, which is almost nine miles below sea level. The sea-bed is covered with dilithium deposits.


The atmosphere on Typhon III is relatively humid and hot, with the ocean's upper levels warm and cooling with the depth.

Indigenous Lifeforms

There are various, non-sentient creatures that live in the oceans of Typhon III. These make harvesting dilithium difficult, since some of them eat duranium. Other feed off of the energy generated from dilithium, which means that any warp-style engines that fall to the sea-floor are quickly eaten by these scavengers.

Federation Concentration Camp

The Federation established Mining Colony 211 in orbit over Typhon III. The real purpose of the colony was as a place where the dilithium could be traded off-station for food and supplies. The real mining took place under the sea on the planet, using slave-labor with shody, 22nd century space-suits to protect them against the environment.

Slaves here are subject to cruel and unusual treatment from their captors. It is quite common for food to be rationed, and rations are halted altogether if one of the slaves is believed to be withholding information. They are kept here to be worked to death, with no chance or hope of freedom or escape.

The people enslaved here are certain ones the Federation deem as "undesirables". Such include members of religious groups, prisoners of war, social and political activists, "socially-unsound" humans and various alien groups which have been purchased or pressed into service.

Alien Population

Some alien species whose members have been enslaved here include...

Destruction of Slave Facility

When Edward Shield of the USS Enterprise-C discovered this concentration/slave camp, he ordered its immediate shut-down. When the Commander of the camp, Marian Reps, refused, she was killed by Nox. Afterward, the slaves who did not go aboard the Enterprise-C tore apart the rest of the slave station, bartered passage off the orbital mining station from a passing ship in need of dilithium, and returned to their own worlds with the truth about the Federation.

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