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USS Enterprise (XCV 330) was a United Earth starship of a class that was launched in 2127 and decommissioned to the United Earth Museum in 2143.

A painting of a ship from the same class appeared on the wall of the 602 Club on Earth in 2143.

Based on events that occurred in this episode, it would appear that this ship would be limited to warp factor 2.0, as that episode documents the first Earth ships to surpass warp 2.

A similar painting was on display on a the wall in Admiral Maxwell Forrest's office on Earth in 2154.

This Enterprise was honored with an illustration on the USS Enterprise's recreation deck after its refit in the early 2270s.

Origin of ship

Earth's national prefixes (British HMS and Russian VK) were still in use up to the founding of the Federation in 2161. TNG: "Up The Long Ladder" It is possible that "USS" still meant "United States Ship." If so, that would make this an American starship.

As for the "XCV" prefix, in American/English usage, X often means eXperimental. In US Navy usage, "CV" is used to designate aircraft carriers, which could make this an experimental fighter carrier.

The 'ring' style warp nacelles are similar to the Vulcan ships of this period and it is conceivable that they  influenced the design of the XCV330 or the Vulcans gave one of their older ships to Earth, possibly as a token of their friendship.

Ship specifications

It is not known if the XCV330 is armed. It can exceed warp 2.0 (approximately 8-times the speed of light) which makes it very useful for solar exploration and colonization. It would be able to travel to Alpha Centari in approximately 6-months, a much more attractive prospect than the 4-years that the early warp ships would take.

The relatively small size of the ship would tend to suggest it has a crew of about 12-15 officers and men.

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