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United Empire of Solvada
Solvadan National Flag
Flag of the United Empire of Solvada








Federal Constitutional Monarchy


Imperial Starfleet


Terra (de facto)


Rome, European continent, Terra



Central Leaders:

Emperor of the United Empire of Solvada

Commanding Officers:

Ricarius ex Solvada (Emperor)


Imperial Senate
Supreme Imperial Court




The United Empire of Solvada, commonly referred to as Solvada or simply The Empire, is a constitutional monarchy established by Ricarius Solivade following the collapse of the Federation, to replace the original human government of United Earth. It is one of the four original founding member states and the leading power of the Imperial Commonwealth of Planets.

The government of the United Empire of Solvada is headed by an Emperor who serves as both head of state and head of government, with full authority over the executive functions of the nation. Members of the executive Imperial Cabinet generally received the title of "Minister". The office and throne of the Solvadan Emperor is located in the Palace of Unity, which is located in Rome, on the European continent of the planet of Terra. The Imperial Senate, Solvada's primary legislative body, also gathers within the Palace of Unity in Rome to discuss proposed legislation and other matters of significant importance to the Empire.

The United Empire of Solvada was responsible for the creation of the Imperial Commonwealth of Planets in the year 2376. Emperor Ricarius began the initial talks in that year and presided over the signing of the Commonwealth Charter on the floor of the Imperial Chamber of Conference, with delegations from the Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite governments participating in the signing as well.

The primary space defense agency of the United Empire of Solvada is the Imperial Starfleet, which also operates as the military arm of the Imperial Commonwealth of Planets. The Imperial Legionary Command is a subsidiary organization within the Imperial Starfleet, which is tasked with the role of surface-based planetary defense. Internal security is generally under the purview of the Solvadan Security Agency, though the Imperial Inquisition sometimes became involved in domestic affairs when political dissidence or espionage was a factor.



  • Terra
  • Luna
  • Mars
  • Terra Nova
  • Centauri III
  • Vega IX
  • Alpha III
  • Alpha V
  • Deneva
  • Calder II
  • Gault
  • Tarod IX
  • Caldos II
  • Altair VI
  • Berengaria VII

Stars and Star systems

Military organizations

  • Imperial Legionary Command
    • Auxiliary Command Forces
  • Imperial Starfleet
    • Starfleet Intelligence
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