The Vanguard Universe is an alternate timeline created by Maximus based on the Star Trek Universe. It jumps off about six years (2385) after the last Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Star Trek Nemesis.


In this universe, the Federation and Starfleet have taken a more combat orientation as they continue their mandate of peaceful exploration and diplomacy.

Though the Dominion threat has subsided, mostly through the efforts of former Deep Space 9 Chief of Security Odo, the Borg threat has remained great.

Meanwhile, ties between the Federation and the Klingon Empire have strengthened thanks largely to the efforts of former Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire and now Starfleet Captain Worf and later his son Ambassador Alexander Roshenko. The Romulan Star Empire, on the other hand, because of the impact made by the Reman uprising and the Romulan Imperium, has relied steadily on the aid of the Federation. Both Beta Quadrant Empires are likewise on the rebuilding stage.

With the Gamma Quadrant once more safe for exploration, the Federation again sent starships through the Bajoran wormhole. This time, with the secondary objective of finding viable class-M planets in unclaimed systems for colonization. As of this date, seven worlds in three systems had already been colonized by the Federation and other allied Alpha Quadrant near the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole. Through Starfleet and the Valkoria Merchant Fleet, each colony now boasts of from two hundred thousand to two million colonists. And through the periodically used quantum slipstream drive technology incorporated into the biggest ships of Starfleet, two class-M planets in the Delta Quadrant have also been successfully colonized. All of these new colonies are heavily guarded by Starfleet, with some assistance from the Valkorian Merchant Fleet.

Starfleet had undergone a massive rebuilding effort. It had suffered heavy loses in the Dominion War. Following the conflict, the Federation's resources were spread thin not just in the reconstruction of member worlds but also in aiding independent worlds affected by the war (seeking new allies and members in the process) and even aiding enemy worlds from the war, providing substantial assistance to help Cardassia recover from the final attacks of the Dominion.

But with the help of some powerful extragalactic entities like Qs Amanda Rogers and Q, the Douwd, the Calamarain, and some of the beings, among others, a good number of the damaged but repairable starships and space stations had been fixed and made serviceable in a comparatively short period of time. In the course of this rebuilding process, these powerful beings had painstakingly made it sure that the present timeline would not be altered in any way.

Through knowledge gained from captured Jem'Hadar ships, a Borg sphere, a few technological items acquired from visitors of the future, the advanced technological knowledge of the Heran Modality through Dr. Astrid Kemal, and the technical expertise of Seven of Nine, the overall technology of Starfleet was improved. Such features as transphasic torpedoes and quantum torpedoes, pulse phaser cannons, regenerative multiphasic shields, regenerative ablative hull armor, bio-neural circuitry, interlocking tritanium/duranium truss frames, redundant warp and impulse drives, and - for some of the largest starships – quantum slipstream drives, were incorporated into all Starfleet ships to effectively counter and defeat all known threats to the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant.

In terms of deployment, Starfleet likewise instituted the Task Force Formation on a good portion of its fleet complement.

Character-wise, it revolves around such key characters as Fleet Admiral Maximus Hunter , Rear Admiral Razal Gibran and the android Lieutenant Commander Gen , among many others others. 

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In this alternate timeline the following holds true:

1. The Star Trek Universe has finally responded to the more warlike demands of the galaxy and have taken a more combat oriented stance, while still upholding the hollowed principles and tenets of the United Federation of Planets.

2. The rank of Commodore instead of Rear admiral (lower grade) is used.

3. Quantum Slipstream Drive is functional onboard selected Federation starships to attain faster-than-warp speed travel and ferry whole task forces to very distant locations in the galaxy in a far shorter period of time.

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